Regular Zynga flash client had and has several bugs. Many accounts were stolen by that way. We've developed a new client were we fixed all those bugs and everything is working securely now.
Our app has two methods to save your account details. First you can save all your account data on your local computer. Secondly you can store all your data securly inside the cloud. If you store it in the cloud you can access your accounts from anywhere in the world. Your privacy is very important to us and we store your data encrypted so only you can access it.
We offer support over WhatsApp, Skype and E-mail.
ZyngaCloud is founded by a team that has experience in selling Zynga Chips since 2008.
The flash client will slow down your gameplay firstly because it's flash. In ZyngaCloud we've removed all features that prevent the game from becoming slow so that you have a good experience.
ZyngaCloud is kind of a table finder program. You can do everything from finding your table to finding your casino and sitting on each table you want with this program.
Zynga has introduced a tax system where it takes a cut of roughly %1 of the chips that are traded. The program has a mode which supports trading of chips without opening the cards at the beginning but it frequently leads to BAN and DOH so we DON'T RECOMMEND using that function, although it's available. Use the auto chip transfer mode instead.
ZyngaCloud excells when compared to other zynga addons. With this program you can freely chose your casino and table, sit with multiple accounts at the same time, do automatic chip transfer and store your accounts in the cloud and access them from anywhere!
You do NOT need a virtual machine to run this program. Compared to other programs which require you to run several virtual machines you can use this program with proxy support to connect as many machines as you want to the table.
This program requires microsoft windows and .NET library to run. A mac version will be developed in the future if there is demand.
Any computer that can run microsoft windows is also sufficient to run this app. There are no high CPU or RAM requirements.
We accept credit card payments and PayPal payments. You can also pay in chips.
Add your accounts into the interface of the program. Select the winner and select the loser accounts, also write the amount of chips that need to be transferred and than, sit back and enjoy. Your chips will be transferred automatically.
This module does work like a improved excel. You can enter the amount of transferred chips and the price so you can keep track of what has been done and what your income should be.
From the 'Manage Users' part of the application you can select which account will be using which proxy. With this method you can connect different accounts from different countries and easily transfer your chips.
The ad bot works by sitting to all tables and broadcasting the information for example your phone number or your name. You can effectively advertise your business.
Zynga introduced a patch on 21 February 2015 so that the addons will not work anymore.
Currently we only focus on the ZyngaCloud client. We will be offering chip sales soon.
ZyngaCloud uses the same protocol with the flash client. The only difference is the flash has been removed and a ton of easy to use features has been added.
Please contact us for ad bot pricing.
You can add and use your own proxies to the system. If you don't have any proxies our would like to buy from our quality and unique proxies, please contact us.